You are not alone

Young Adults

"I’ll give you the tools you need to
feel better, do better and be better"

Adolescence has never been tougher. School stress, peer pressure, social media, bullying, changing relationships, body issues and more… it’s easy to feel isolated, overwhelmed and out of control. 

Mark can help. He’ll get to know you, your situation and your personality and give you simple, effective tools to help you feel more resilient, more positive and more in control of your life and future.

More positive, more resourceful, MORE In control

We’ll work together to find specific solutions for the issues you’re facing. You will begin to understand yourself better and find your inner resources so you can navigate your way through the ups and downs of everyday life. Coaching is a collaborative process that helps you find the most effective strategies and tools to help you better manage your particular situation. You’ll learn the power of making your own choices and how to develop a resourceful mindset. So even when things get tough, you know how to stay strong and you’ll have the tools you need to find your way through.


Mark can help you

Mark will work with your parents/guardians to find the best solution for you. But everything you tell him is in total confidence: the sessions are a safe place for you to talk, share and move forward.

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