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"Mark was a fantastic support to me through a very difficult period in my life, providing insightful guidance and helping me to channel my thinking in a positive way. His gentle questioning enabled me to fully own my problems and to understand some of the beliefs and values I had set up for myself. I was able to fully come to terms with my situation and to move on. Mark is an honest, deep thinking man of the utmost integrity, and I would wholeheartedly recommend him as a life coach."

Richard Williams, Lytham St Annes, UK.
General Practitioner,
"your totally non judgmental approach put me at ease which allowed me to gain the insights and awareness of why I was sabotaging myself NOW!"
Denise, L.A. USA
"From my experience Mark is by far the most genuine and approachable person I have ever met. He understands that each and every person is truly unique and helps people to live life by their own standards, not anyone else’s. He is trustworthy, open minded sincere and extremely knowledgeable in his field of work. I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone willing to live their life, to their full potential.”
Laura, Lancs, UK
Sports injury massage consultant
I saw Mark Walker a couple of months ago to treat constant anxiety feelings. In the first session I noticed a significant shift that has remained to this day. I would say the anxiety feeling reduced by about half in that session. He provides a very safe and accepting space so you can feel comfortable dealing with what needs to come out. He is very compassionate and also funny! If you are ready to make a shift in yourself, then please see this man! Highly highly recommended. Sophie O Gorman Coach Paris
Sophie O Gorman, Paris
Life Coach
“I’ve been on a coaching journey for 3 months now with Mark. While I trusted Mark from the start I had a lot of resistance to the process itself, being probably afraid of what could come out of it. For instance, taking more responsibility for my life. This is what I wanted, but it felt scary at the same time! Fortunately, Mark has helped me create the conditions for me to lift this resistance and engage fully. Thanks to the combination of his quality of presence, his listening skills and his mastery of many tools and techniques, he is able to create a safe space and offer what I need at each moment to be able to walk a path I would not dare walking alone and to open doors that I would otherwise stay in front of. Having Mark as a coach is a blessing”
Anne-Claire Chene, Tours
Doctorante en pratiques organisationnelles innovantes
My family and I first met Mark Walker in a personal context. Right away, it was clear that he has incredible listening skills, and is very much a “people-person”! Mark’s experience as a life coach intrigued me, and his present activity as a mental golf coach intrigued me even more. During my 15 years as a professional golf player on the PGA European Tour, I crossed paths with a few “mind coaches” but none of them seemed as informed, educated and intuitive as Mark Walker. My son, Adrien, has always had the attitude of a winner, on and off the golf course. He was very interested in the exercises that Mark Walker was proposing to help him become an even more confident golfer. Mark’s approach is simple and to-the-point, which is great for juniors as well as adults! Mark began by evaluating Adrien, and they spent many sessions on skype as well as on the golf course. Adrien is always really excited and motivated for his mental golf sessions. Mark makes it fun, and it is always backed by his vast knowledge of sports psychology. We always received a long detailed e-mail after each session, explaining what they had spoken about. Often, we were with Adrien during these sessions and Mark was glad that the whole experience was a “family affair”. It was important to us that our son feels comfortable and trusts his mental coach, and Adrien continues to confide in Mark about feelings that he might not necessarily express with us! The tools which Mark Walker taught our son are invaluable - we have begun to use them ourselves, and also with our 11-yr old daughter! Adrien looks forward to continuing his sessions with Mark in order to be the best golf player that he can be, and as parents we continue to spread the word about him to everyone that we meet!
Marc Pendaries, Neuilly sur seine,
Professional golfer
Dear Mark, I just wanted to take the time to show my appreciation to you for the help you gave me during a period of extremely stress and hurt for me. Your empathy and understanding of the situation was a major factor in my return to self belief. Your methods of exploring ones own real feelings, challenging those feeling to assess if those beliefs were real or just what I wanted others to believe and allowing pain to flow through and out, allowed me to state the extreme upset I was going through knowing that I was sharing that with someone who was extremely sympathetic, yet practical in his approach to working things through. Nothing is solved overnight but with your help I overcame my hurt, fear of allowing the future in and non belief in myself. I now sit and write this with joy in my heart and inner peace. I thank you for that and I would be the first to recommend your work to anyone. My very best wishes and eternal thanks Business consultant and CEO Lancs UK
Paul Pendergest, Lancs , UK
Business consultant and CEO
"When I started coaching with Mark I did not know exactly what aspects of my life I wanted to improve. Little by little things became clearer and I was able to understanding and transform some deeply buried areas that had been preventing me from moving forward in my life with more smoothness. I really appreciated the way that Mark helped me to progress with a sense of freedom and independence. He knows how to ask the precise question that can help you to see what would be most useful for you to explore and understand.  He walks besides you on your path to self knowledge
Adriana Paris
Massage therapist

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