Professional coaching for teenagers
who want extra support

Over the past 17 years of personal coaching, Mark has integrated a number of scientifically proven methods into his coaching practice. Mark supports his clients to create their own unique set of mental, emotional and physical strategies they can employ to cope more effectively with life’s challenges and optimise their performance under stress.

Positive Life coaching in a gentle, supportive atmosphere

Though of course the young person is the focus of the coaching process from start to finish, Mark understands the importance of good communication with parents in order to better understand the particular needs of each child. For this reason, Mark asks parents to fill in a questionnaire giving some background information about their child and the challenges they are facing.

Young woman doing homework at night. Tired hispanic girl and college education. Female student studying for next day exam

Parent connection

Naturally, client conversations are always confidential but he will give parents progress reports and make sure they are always in the loop about anything they need to know. For example, he might share a particular technique so parents can support their child to use it whenever they need to.


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