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Put simply, Life Coaching is support to help your teen move forward in their life towards specific goals like exam performance, improved resilience or more positive relationships with parents, siblings, teachers or friends.

Mark works at an emotional and cognitive level to help young people find the most effective way to get to the root of their issues, shift stubborn thought patterns – and solve problems for good.

He will also gently, but firmly, challenge young people to step outside their comfort zone and shift their perspective so they can grow into the person they want to be. As well as helping set goals, he offers tools to enable them to become mentally and emotionally stronger.

How Do I get started?

The best way to determine if Mark is the right coach for your teen is by calling or emailing Mark to schedule a free half-hour consultation. During the consultation session, Mark will answer any questions and learn more about you and your child’s objectives for the coaching.

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That you deliberately create new space in yourself and in your schedule for the coaching work you will be undertaking to support your growth and to enable you to make the necessary changes. This means that, as the rapport and trust between us grows, you are willing to tell Mark what you are thinking and feeling and to genuinely consider the reflections and assessments he offers. He fully respects your right to disagree or to have a wiser solution.
One of the ways Mark might support you is by suggesting homework, journaling or trying out certain resources. He will be working with you to co-create your development work. The more you are able to take this up, the more rapid your progress will be.
The coaching partnership is about you doing the work and is built on the understanding that the real wisdom and insight is already there within you waiting to be discovered. Mark’s job is to support you in that discovery. How this happens depends on your learning style and individuality.

Your free half-hour consultation is a no-strings-attached session where Mark will answer your questions and make sure you are a good fit for each other. If you decide you’d like to move forward with a 5-week coaching package, Mark will outline your next steps which include making your down payment and getting started on your coaching pre-work. This includes a questionnaire for both the young adult and the parents if appropriate. It will help you get clear on what you’d like to work on in your coaching sessions.

You’ll have plenty of time and opportunity during your 30 minute consultation session to determine if Mark’s coaching style is a good fit for you and/or your teen.

Ideally you’ll work with Mark for 50 minutes each week over a 5 week period, meeting on the same day, at the same time. Sometimes this can be adjusted depending on your personal circumstances.

Sometimes the sessions can have a two week interval. It helps to keep the momentum going to not have too much of a gap between sessions.

Your sessions will take place either face to face at his office in St Germaine en Laye or via Skype or Facetime.

5 X 50 minutes of one to one coaching over a 5 to 7 week time period.

A  private coaching space on CoachNow where Mark can connect with, uplift, and inspire you until your next session. He will share videos, audios, books, podcasts, and other resources to keep you motivated and moving forward.
This is a great feature which enables you to keep all the coaching materials in one safe place which you can access from your smart phone wherever you are.

Unlimited email coaching support for the duration of the coaching package.

Use of my extensive library of training videos, audio PDF’s on various subjects like meditation, relaxation techniques, belief change process, emotional resilience, controlling your confidence and much more.

tools and resources
for a better life

To raise your understanding of what is going on for you right now including your stengths and areas for improvement. Also getting clear about what you want to achieve with the coaching process.

Specific Breathing and body awareness techniques to calm there nervous system bring on the relaxation response.



(various types so everyone can find one that works for them)
Body scan, guided visualisations, breath awareness, mindfulness.

Stretching and simple body movement practices
Learning how to move and hold your body to help you manage your state.

Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT (Energy Psychology)
This is a powerful therapeutic technique which uses acupressure (tapping on yourself with your fingers a specific points) to relax and calm our whole nervous system. It is also a very effective way to change unhelpful belief’s. You learn to tap on yourself so it’s a tool you can take with you.
Link to utube video ?

Understanding what your values are and how you can align yourself AND YOUR ACTIONS with them is a big part of feeling good in the world.

Simple and powerful ways of thinking that to help us understand that it’s our interpretation of what happens that leads us to feel how we do. Then learning how we can change our interpretations so we feel better and more impowered.

Beliefs will either support or hinder our progress through life. When we can identify and optimize our beliefs so they help us thrive we have a great tool for success in life.


5 x 50 minute sessions

*95 € for the initial session if you decide to stop after one session.

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